Season Extension

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Well it’s official: we just hosted our final in-person workshop of the 2022 Backyard Gardeners season. It’s hard to believe that the growing season and our time with our gardeners is already coming to a close. While we can’t extend the time we get to spend with our gardeners, we can extend the time

Mushroom Foraging in Southwest Virginia

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Fall is here and it is an excellent time to try your hand at foraging for mushrooms.  Grow Sustainab-LEE had guest speaker, Adam Boring, come in to talk to our participants about mushrooming in Southwest Virginia.  Adam is a Virginia Master Naturalist Volunteer with the High Knob chapter and he often does walks and talks

High Rocks Ruby Grow High Tunnels 2022

By |September 20th, 2022|High Rocks|

In Hillsboro, WV we sit around 2,300 ft in elevation and at High Rocks we are at an even higher elevation. We currently grow in one 30 ft x 96 ft high tunnel in Hillsboro and are set to build another high tunnel of the same size at that same location. We also grow in

Fall is Here

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              September is here, you can feel Fall in the air. The mornings are cooler and the evenings are turning dark faster. This month we were able to give our garden participants a cover crop of clover and 4-foot hoops for those who needed them.             This was our last month of meetings with

“If You Want a lot of Food, Work that Garden Daily”

By |September 18th, 2022|Step-by-Step Logan Co.|

We are still experiencing hot weather and rain, but it’s not raining as much. June, July, and August weather really put a strain on everyone and their gardens. We are still collecting a good amount of produce in September: tomatoes, peppers, corn, and potatoes. Some gardeners have not been digging a lot of potatoes. They

Grilling Up Some Heart-y Kabobs

By |September 8th, 2022|Community Matters|

It's pretty tough to think about, but the Lower Price Hill neighborhood represents the lowest average life expectancy of any neighborhood in Cincinnati. In fact, recent data shows that our neighbors live nearly 20 years less than residents of nearby, higher-income communities. This is, in part, due to decades of environmental injustice and disinvestment


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