April Showers Bring May….Snow

By |May 15th, 2019|Linwood, Uncategorized|

Why do I feel like I have written this EXACT title in years past???  I will have to go back and check!  Despite all the wonky weather check out this comparison: The first was 4 years ago today, and the second was taken a few weeks ago...before there was MORE snow in the forecast.  We

Earth Day in the Garden

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Earth day in The Garden of Eatin' @ Ramella Park in East Williamson was a huge success! This year was our second year of hosting earth day in the garden and we could not be more pleased with the turnout! From grandmas to 4 year olds we had a blast while learning about the wonderful

Feeding Your Plants

By |May 2nd, 2019|Build It Up East TN|

The 10 day forecast in East TN shows that night time temps are now consistently above 50F, so it’s now safe to plant your summer crops!  I get a lot of questions around this time of year about how much fertilizer is needed. While you might think this has a straightforward answer, I’d like to

Field Day

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In April, we were able to take a group of our Market Growers to the Organic Crops Field Day at the East Tennessee Agricultural Research & Education Center in Knoxville.  To see organic production on that scale was impressive, and we learned that a substantial percentage of what's grown on the site is marketed via

A standing ovation for our Ovation Green Mix!

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Ramella Park Garden of Eatin' has witnessed some early growth this year.  During our first meeting for potential gardeners this year we had a extra large turnout. Being able to supply backyard gardeners and community gardeners alike with seeds to plant is always an exciting time for us. Knowing that they are going to be