Come Hail or High Water

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This spring has brought with it a few record setting weather phenomenon down here in southwest Virginia. February and March’s warm weather was followed by April, May’ and June's never ending showers. As gardeners, so much of our success and failure depends on Mother Nature. There are a few steps we can take to protect

Wise County Update

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Things are progressing nicely in Wise County, Virginia.  The twenty families in our home gardening program are seeing things grow, and Wesley and I are beginning to get some site visits in.  The community gardens we began with Grow Appalachia’s help back in 2014 are seeing the most life they’ve seen yet, and with this

We’re Getting There

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Good Morning Folks. Lori here from beautiful McDowell County, West Virginia. Let me start by saying it has been ridiculously nerve-wracking round here. There have been some challenges to work through to be sure. The weather has been uncooperative, so many of our participants have had issues with soggy gardens, one family had to replant

Cool Tips for Gardening with Kids

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I recently had that good fortune of attending the Try This West Virginia conference followed the next week by a Jr. Master Gardener class taught locally. Many wonderful ideas were shared with me about how to get kids enthusiastic about gardening and I wanted to share some of those ideas with you in turn. I

Irrigation Systems, High Tunnels, Worm Vermicose, Oh My!

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Things are swinging into high gear at St. Vincent's Mission in the month of June! We've got the irrigation system up & running on our Community Garden and things are growing by leaps &  bounds!  (Not that we haven't had plenty of rain for the last 3 months.)  This irrigation system was generously donated by a

June 2017

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Here is a look at Wolfe County Grow Appalachia in June. There's a lot growing and I have been busy visiting gardens and setting up trellising in between rainstorms (I guess I don't have many pictures of that right now because my hands have been full of t-posts and Hortonova: I will post some next month

Helping Hands

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--Liz Kammeyer, High Rocks AmeriCorps Member, Hillsboro, WV School is out, and so are the garden helpers! We all love tending to the garden.  There’s something undeniably therapeutic about having your hands in the earth, nurturing the very beings that will, in turn, nurture you.  But let’s face it, it’s not always a breeze maintaining

Healthy Cooking Promotion

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Michael Tierney, Logan County One of the toughest challenges in our healthy cooking promotion is working with our families to track their sugar and sodium consumption without seeming like the nutrition police. We have asked numerous partners, from Extension agents to our friends at Try This and Keys 4 Healthy Kids, to our mentors at

Becoming inSpiralized

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Marta Pate Big Ugly Grow Appalachia At this year’s healthy cooking workshops we’ve had a mix of presentations from neighbors and gardeners.  Today’s blog is from Marta Pate, one of our Big Ugly Creek gardeners who shares the joys of creative preparing with a food processing device that we also provided for interested workshop attendees.