With our second meeting under our garden belts, we are ankle deep in our Grow Appalachia season and are wading deeper everyday. We have had an unbelievable turnout at our last two meetings and we are only getting started in this garden season.  Our team has been staying busy tilling this spring, with having tilled around 20 members garden plot.  This month we were blessed with a wonderful donation from St. Marks UMC of around 500 lbs of seed potatoes and almost 300 tomato plants. Along with seed potatoes and tomato plants, we distributed 55 flats of spring vegetables, strawberry and blackberry plants, and heirloom seeds.  Members left more eager to garden than they arrived.

While I was out tilling earlier this month for one of our wonderful senior members, she gave me the prettiest and best tasting jar of zucchini jelly. Its so pretty you don’t want to eat it, but tastes so good, also I was pretty amazed at “zucchini jelly”. I know people make jelly out of peppers, dandelion etc. but, who would think zucchini.  I think one of the best things about Grow Appalachia are the relationships you build with people and the connections to our own communities.