Our vision is a vibrant, regional food system where healthy food is accessible to all.

We focus on many levels of food security because we see the need to think and work holistically to ensure individuals and families have access to the healthy food.

Our approach:

  • Facilitate a network of organizations and leaders working to support food security across the region

  • Distribute garden resources and hold classes

  • Provide technical assistance to farmers and market gardeners

  • Host farm field days and create online training videos

  • Ensure access to high tunnel infrastructure and protected growing systems

  • Invest in community infrastructure through commercial kitchens and farmers markets

  • Combat childhood hunger relief via feeding programs and nutrition education


  • Partnerships
    Grow Appalachia embraces collaboration to support a region of individuals and organizations aligned around healthy food access for all.

  • Integrity
    Grow Appalachia consistently engages participants and partners with honest and ethical practices.

  • Equity
    Grow Appalachia values cultural diversity while examining racial, social, systemic, and cultural inequities.

  • Inclusivity
    Grow Appalachia celebrates the diverse communities we serve

  • Reliability
    Grow Appalachia overcomes challenges, stands by commitments, and follows through with resolve.

  • Respect
    Grow Appalachia honors the dignity of all people and their communities.

Where We Work


We collaborate with nonprofit partners to invest in backyard and community gardens in central Appalachia.


We work to ensure kids have access to healthy meals and life-enriching programs year-round.


We sell high tunnels, organic fertilizer, and other growing supplies to generate programmatic income for gardening infrastructure.


We believe infrastructure is a critical component to sustainable community food systems, which is why we’ve helped develop more than 8 commercial kitchens.


We partner with the NRCS and other agencies to provide technical assistance to producers.


You can make a difference for thousands of families in central Appalachia. Make a contribution today!