Since 2015, our Social Enterprise program has offered high quality growing supplies and high tunnel manufacturing & installation services in the central Appalachian region. We are a revenue generating program of Grow Appalachia.

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High Tunnels Installed in the Region
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Our High Tunnels

A high tunnel is a season extension tool that facilitates the production of fresh vegetables twelve months a year. The benefit comes from the ability to manage the growing environment – temperature, irrigation, light (to some extent) and weather extremes. This element of control provides an opportunity to grow quality vegetables in a more consistent and planned manner.

We offer manufacturing, installation, and delivery services for our gothic and modular movable high tunnel options. If you have received a cost-share funded high tunnel system through NRCS, then you can hire us to install your high tunnel and accompanying water catchment & drip irrigation systems.

We can also provide consultation & repair services on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Kayla Preston at to inquiry about high tunnel system repairs and consultations.

gothic high tunnel grow appalachia

Gothic High Tunnel

The Gothic high tunnel is designed with a peaked roof profile, allowing the grower more headroom on the sides of the tunnel. his design also allows the tunnel to shed snow and water more easily.

Gothic tunnels are 15 ft wide and 9 ft high. The sides roll up to provide ventilation throughout and the rolling mechanism makes it easy for growers to do themselves. We can build a gothic high tunnel at any 4 foot increment, from 12′ to 100′.

The Gothic high tunnel meets and/or exceeds all NRCS standards for grant-funded high tunnels and is also a manageable size for all families.

Our kits include the following:

  • 6mil greenhouse plastic (4 year warranty, UV stabilized)
  • 5ft roll-up sides with crank handle for ventilation
  • 1 robust sliding door (42” x 79”) and end-walls included
  • Overbuilt, heavy duty galvanized steel frame with high quality stainless steel and aluminum parts & hardware
  • Black woven ground cover with staples around the perimeter of the high tunnel to reduce weed pressure

Our “standard” gothic high tunnel kit (15’x48′) is approximately $3,920.*

The shortest tunnel we offer (15’x12′) is approximately $1530.*

The longest tunnel we offer (15’x100′) is approximately $7,360.*

*= these prices include the 2024 lumber costs but do NOT include labor and delivery fees

Modular Movable High Tunnel

The Modular Movable High Tunnel (MMHT) is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of growers while still utilizing the gothic peaked roof and is light enough to be moved with two to four people.

The modular design is a 14ft wide by 16ft long tunnel, small enough for both backyard growers and small scale producers. It is designed to connect ‘modules’ together to maximize the surface area inside the high tunnel. Movable tunnels are great for overall soil health, breaking disease cycles & soil erosion, keeping soil salinity balanced and making crop rotations and cover cropping easy.

For ventilation this design has either one or two scissor doors as well as 3 foot roll up sides.

The MMHT kit includes:

  • 3 foot roll-up sides
  • One scissor door (tunnels can be outfitted with 2 scissor doors for an additional charge)
  • One solid end wall
  • 4 in-ground / removable anchors

Our modular movable high tunnel (MMHT) kit is approximately $1,800, not including delivery & installation fees.

End Wall Options for Gothic High Tunnels

equipment door end wall gothic high tunnel

Optional Components

High Tunnel Water Catchment & Drip Irrigation Systems

Please note: Our water catchment systems are only installed on gothic high tunnels.

A covered high tunnel creates a dry environment requiring irrigation. Water can be collected from your high tunnel ‘roof’, stored in catchment tanks and used for irrigation. Recycling collected water through an irrigation system requires catchment tanks, a filter, a pump to pressurize the water (electric hook up necessary), a pressure reducer to stabilize pressure, a check valve for backflow prevention, a header line, and drip tape with ‘drip’ emitters.

We sell a variety of water catchment & irrigation materials, design functional systems, and provide installation services. All of our installations and materials meet NRCS standards.

  • Reduces diseases caused from moisture residue on crops
  • Reduces erosion by slowly delivering water directly to the root zone
  • Efficiently irrigates your crops
  • Improves your time management
  • Reusable, durable materials can be used over several seasons
  • Soft water reduces salt build up
  • Reduces soil erosion around as well as inside the high tunnel
  • Decreases reliance on outside water sources that can lead to nutrient build up
  • Saves on water supply expenses on the farm
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • For example, our 15’ x 48’ gothic high tunnel can collect 500 gallons from a single 1/2″ rain
  • Underground (24”) trench and attachment to water catchment tanks
  • 2″ PVC line from tanks to the sand pump and filter inside the high tunnel
  • Intexx Sandfilter pump (2.4amp), silicone sand, ¾”pressure reducer (15psi), 3/4” in-line check valve
  • 2”Mainline layflat (header line) with end cap, gaskets and hose clamps
  • ½” AQ-15mil Premium drip tape with 12″ emitter spacing (enough for 12 rows*)
  • 12 Tapeloc swing valves
  • 12 Tapeloc end plugs
  • Extra Tapeloc couplings for repairs
  • Goof plugs to repair or plug holes in layflat
  • 8″ sod staples to hold drip irrigation lines in place

*you may select a different number of rows of drip irrigation

  • Vinyl gutters with connectors, hanger brackets, and end caps
  • 6”-12” poly plastic patch tape for flow from plastic to gutter (UV stable)
  • Overflow runoff materials and installation (10’ away from tunnel off of 2 tanks)
  • Gutter to tank connection with down spouts and removable mesh basket
  • (3) 550 gal. black water catchment tanks with 3 ball valves

Field Irrigation Installation

field irrigation grow appalachia

Our Social Enterprise team also offers installation services for field irrigation projects, including establishing separate irrigation zones with solenoid valves and automating your irrigation system with timers.

Contact Kayla Preston ( to request a quote or consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept cash, card, or check made payable to Grow Appalachia.

The ground must be mowed and cleared of any obstacles.

Yes, both the gothic and modular movable high tunnel models meet NRCS specifications.

The plastic we use are warrantied for 4 years for manufacturer defects, but will likely last 7 years. The more pressing issue with aging plastic is decreased light transmission, which can make it difficult to have healthy plant growth.

Learn How to Install a Gothic High Tunnel

Our YouTube channel features a a gothic high tunnel installation instructional video series. If you’ve ordered a gothic high tunnel kit from Grow Appalachia, this video series will guide you through the construction process from start to finish.


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“Our Grow Appalachia high tunnels have leveraged our ability to provide fresh, local produce year round. Back to the Garden Farm has become known as the go-to provider of winter greens.”

John Stanley, Waco, KY

“The high tunnels have not only provided season extension, but they protected our crops from flooding and storm damage. I would recommend Grow Appalachia’s high tunnels to all, from small gardens to large farms.”

Jann Knappage, David, KY

“We love our hoop house at Appalachian Sustainable Development’s teaching garden. We use it to extend the lettuce season, in the spring and fall.

Deni Peterson, Abingdon, VA

“The Grow Appalachia high tunnels work best for us. The smaller structures hold up better under the snow. The high tunnels have extended our growing season tremendously.”

Wayne Riley, London, KY

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