Grow Appalachia T-Shirts

  • $25.00

100% organic cotton t-shirts, available in both unisex (XS – 3XL) and femme/women’s fit (S – 2XL)

Design by Olly Costello, screenprinting by Surge Screenprinting & Embroidery in Richmond, KY

grow appalachia t-shirt
grow appalachia t-shirt

Organic Fertilizing & Seed Starting

Organic Mountain Pride Fertilizer

  • $33.00 / 50 lb. bag

  • $22.65 / 30 lb. bucket

10+ 50 lb. bags: $26 per bag

1 ton (2000 lb.) pallet of 40 bags: $750

Our Mountain Pride fertilizer is chicken litter-based and OMRI-listed for organic production. This fertilizer has a 3-4-3 analysis, as it is comprised of 3% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, and 3% potassium. In addition, it contains 10% calcium. The nutrients are slow release, making this product ideal for feeding and sustaining a healthy vegetable crop over the season. Being certified organic makes it especially ideal for market growers who specialize in organic produce, or for backyard/hobby gardeners who wish to produce only the healthiest, highest quality vegetables for themselves and their families while being good stewards of their land and the environment.

feather meal

Organic Feather Meal Fertilizer

  • $60.00 / 50 lb. bag

10+ 50 lb. bags: $55 per bag

1 ton (2000 lb.) pallet: $2100

A pelletized, feather meal fertilizer OMRI listed for organic production. This product is a 13-0-0 composition that is a by-product of the poultry processing industry, making it sustainable and cost effective. This OMRI listed fertilizer includes 100% organic matter that slowly releases nitrogen over a period of 3 months. Feather meal activates compost decomposition and improves the soil structure by interacting with bacteria and nematodes. This breaks down the nitrogen in the soil making it easy for the plants to absorb it at a constant release rate. This is a great cost-effective product perfect for experienced growers!


Horticultural Perlite

  • $20.15/ 4 cu. ft. bag

Organic soil amendment which allows for aeration and drainage in the soil. Ideal for creating your own potting mix for seed starting or propagation or utilizing in hydroponic growing systems.


ProMix MP Organik Multi-Purpose Growing Mix

  • $45.50 / compressed 3.8 cu. ft. bale (60 lbs.)

An OMRI-listed multi-purpose growing medium featuring Canadian sphagnum peat moss (80-90%) and perlite.

lambert organic potting mix

Lambert Organic All Purpose Potting Mix

  • $26 / 3 cubic ft. (20 lbs)

This OMRI-listed organic all purpose potting mix include coarse Canadian sphagnum peat moss (80 – 90%), coarse horticultural perlite, calcitic limestone, dolomite limestone, an organic wetting agent, and an organic slow release fertilizer. Ideal for plants that require good aeration and drainage. This is a 3 cubic foot loose filled bag weighing around 20 lbs.

garden topsoil blend earth mix

EarthMix Garden Premium Topsoil Blend

  • $10.00 / 20 L (18 qt) bag

Organically enriched growing mix that feeds existing soils with beneficial microbes. Ready to use for direct planting or to amend soil by working deep into existing soil beds, or to top dress seasonally. Key ingredients include: composted pine fines/bark, screened native soil, Magic™ mushroom compost, Veragra™ earthworm castings, endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi, and humic acid

proganix-i earth mix

EarthMix Proganix-I Professional Indoor Growing Mix

  • $12.00 / 20 L (18 qt) bag

A lighter nutritionally balanced, wholly organic and sustainable potting soil blended specially for pots and planters for individuals seeking the highest growth performance using no chemical additives. Key ingredients include: Veragra™ earthworm castings, coconut fiber, EnLighten™ expanded shale, endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi, vermiculite, perlite, organic fertilizer

Pest Control

Weed Management

Diatomaceous Earth

  • $19.50 / 5 lb. bag

  • $29.00 / 40 lb. bag

OMRI-listed pest control agent designed to combat slugs, beetles, worms, fleas, mites, and most insects. The tiny particles damage the respiratory systems of insects.

ProtekNet 25 gr Insect Netting

$1.13 per foot

$371.80 per 328′ roll

$851.50 per 820′ roll

$2.46 per foot

$806 per 328′ roll

25 gram, 0.35mm x 0.35mm, available in 83″ and 14′ widths. Tightly woven synthetic fiber which allows for 89% light transmission and protects against a range of garden pests, including aphids, stink bugs, flea beetles, spotted wing drosophila, and squash bugs.

ExcludeNet 85 gr Insect Netting

$2.00 per foot

$558.00 per 300′ roll

$3.75 per foot

$1,065 per 300′ roll

Protect your crops against insect damage with this specially designed, extremely durable exclusion netting. The texture of this netting is comparable to shade cloth, which means it is more resistant to snags, cuts, and tears than ProtekNet. If you are looking for a long-term insect netting solution over many growing seasons, this is the option for you.

ExcludeNet is 85-gram (.95 mm x .95 mm, weighing 85 grams per square meter) insect exclusion netting that can help prevent spotted wing drosophila (SWD) infestation, and the resulting destruction of blueberry, raspberry, and other berry crops. ExcludeNet exclusion netting is manufactured by Tek-Knit Industries in Montreal, Quebec. The netting is manufactured from high-density polyethylene yarn that’s made in the USA.

From Dale-Ila Riggs, farmer & owner of The Berry Patch, the domestic distributor of ExcludeNet:  “In 2014, our first year of exclusion netting use, we achieved 0.67% infestation over a ten-week harvest period. In 2015, we achieved 0.37% infestation over six weeks, and in 2016 and 2018 we achieved 0.00% infestation over an eight-week harvest period.

Read more on the website for The Berry Patch, the domestic supplier of ExcludeNet

ground cover high tunnel

Black Woven Ground Cover

$0.15/ft or $38.00 per 300 ft. roll

$0.20/ft or $51.00 per 300 ft. roll

$0.35/ft or $103.00 per 300 ft per roll

UV stabilized, durable, reusable, permeable to air & water, and provides a strong weed block.


8″ Staples

  • $0.15 each

  • $55.00 / 500 ct. box

8″ steel staples for securing ground cover and other fabrics

Trellising Supplies

trellising twine tomatoes

UV Resistant Tomato Twine

  • $8.50 / 9600′ roll

Top quality woven twine, comes in box with belt loop attachment. This is perfect for ‘Florida weave’ trellising. The ball of twine
is 3200’ long and weighs 3lbs. Also works well for cucumbers, melons, and all other vining crops.

black vine clips

Black Vine Clips

  • $0.10 per clip

  • $22.10 / 1000 ct.

Ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. UV resistant

Hortanova Trellis Netting

$0.16 per foot

$53 per 328′ roll

$423 per 3280′ roll

$0.20 per foot

$67 per 328′ roll

$510 per 3280′ roll

Currently only available in 67″ width. Great for climbing plants like cucumbers, gourds, peas and beans. Expands garden by growing horizontally and vertically, allowing for higher crop production per square foot.

tomato hook twine

Greenhouse Tomato Trellising Twine (Loaded Hook w/ 40′ Twine)

  • $0.40 each

  • $147.42 per box of 420

These twine hooks include 40 feet of UV resistant white twine and releases approximately 7″ of twine each time they are turned over. Hang the hooks on a high wire, or use a S-hook to hang them from pipe at the top of your high tunnel or greenhouse. Useful for trellising tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vining and climbing crops.

Irrigation Supplies & Kits

irrigation municipal manifold

Municipal Source to Drip Irrigation Kit

  • $247.99

Includes all components needed to connect your municipal water source (frost free hydrant, spigot, etc.) to a drip irrigation system, including: (2) 6’ hoses, (1) ¾” vacuum breaker (backflow preventer), (2) hose clamps to attach to hydrant, (1) pressure reducer, (1) screen filter, all essential ¾” brass fittings, (1) roll of Teflon tape, and an instruction manual for installation.

Row Crop Drip Irrigation Kit

  • $258.99

Includes all materials needed to set up a small-scale drip irrigation system for row crops. Components include: 500’ roll of 15 mil drip tape with 12” emitter spacing, (10) drip tape valves, (10) drip tape end caps, 50’ roll of 2” layflat (header line), (1) 2” FPT x insert adaptor for layflat, (1) 2” to ¾” reducer, (1) layflat 2” end cap, (10) drip tape couplings, (1) hole punch, (4) goof plugs for layflat, (50) 8″ staples for securing drip lines, and an instruction manual for installation.

This will allow you to set-up drip irrigation for (10) 50′ rows with (1) valve each, (5) 100′ rows with (2) valves each, or another similar configuration.

From the 2″ to 3/4″ reducer, you will connect your hose to provide the water source. We recommend pairing this with our municipal source to drip irrigation kit to provide everything you need to safely move water from your spigot to your drip irrigation system.


In-Line Fertigator

  • $112.52

Designed to connect to your drip irrigation system to deliver water-soluble fertilizer directly to your crops

Blue Layflat Header Line

$0.60 per foot or $165.10 per 300′ roll

$0.52 per foot

Lightweight and durable water discharge hose for your main irrigation supply line. Use a hole punch to add drip valves and drip tape for your row crops.

hole punch

Hole Punch (for Layflat)

  • $54.60

Perforates your irrigation layflat or orchard tubing for adding drip tape valves.

drip irrigation glades garden

15 mil Drip Tape (12″ Emitter Spacing)

  • $0.10 per foot (up to 50′ sections)

  • $105.00 / 500′ roll

  • $150.00 / 1000′ roll

  • $230.00 / 4000′ roll

Drip irrigation tape for efficiently and directly irrigating your crops. The 15 mil thickness allows for reuse, and the emitters are spaced every 12 inches.


8″ Staples

  • $0.15 each

  • $55.00 / 500 ct. box

8″ steel staples used to secure drip tape

drip tape valve

Drip Tape Valve

  • $1.25 each

Connects drip tape to your blue layflat header line while also allowing you to individually turn off drip lines

Drip Tapeloc + Barb Adaptor

  • $0.46 each

Connects drip tape to your blue layflat header line without a valve to control individual lines

drip tape coupling

Drip Tape Couplings

  • $0.52 each

Connects two pieces of drip tape together. Useful for repairing drip lines

drip tape end cap

Drip Tape End Caps

  • $0.40 each

Secures the end of the drip line

goof plugs

Goof Plugs

  • $0.36 each

Covers unused holes in the blue layflat header line

Season Extension Supplies & Kits

Gothic High Tunnel Kit

USDA NRCS qualified. Learn more about our gothic high tunnel design here.

modular movable high tunnel

Modular Movable High Tunnel Kit

Learn more about modular movable high tunnel design here.

Low Tunnel Kits

Includes the following: Agribon row cover, (3) 3’ steel hoops, 6 snap clamps, 4 eye bolts & nuts, 2 staples for end fabric, and 20’ nylon rope

Includes the following: Agribon row cover, (3) 4’ steel hoops, 6 snap clamps, 4 eye bolts & nuts, 2 staples for end fabric, and 28’ nylon rope

Extending the growing season is a great way to keep fresh, nutritious produce growing year round. This kit will allow you to add a fall planting or an early spring
crop to your garden without worrying about frost. Rope and eyebolts provide a boundary to make weed eating around the bed easy! GG34 is a reusable stretchable thick fiber cloth that doesn’t tear or rip easily like other row covers out there. This covered bed can also be utilized for pest control during the main growing season and has 70% light transmission. This versatile, durable kit can be used for many different tasks on the farm! 50% shade cloth and Protek insect netting are available depending on the crop you want to grow.

Low Tunnel Hoops (1/2″ EMT conduit)

  • $8.50 per 3′ or 4′ wide hoop

These 1/2″ EMT conduit steel hoops are designed for longer season, taller crops and offer a more permanent and durable solution for protection against insects and extreme weather. Available in 3 or 4 foot widths depending on the dimensions of your growing space.

Snap Clamps (1/2″ EMT)

  • $1.29 each

These snap clamps work with our 1/2″ EMT low tunnel hoops, allowing you to attach shade cloth, row cover, or insect netting

insect netting spring steel hoops

Spring Steel Hoops

  • $0.87 per 64” hoop

  • $1.00 per 79” hoop

Spring steel hoops may be paired with our row cover, shade cloth, or insect netting to offer a variety of season extension and pest control benefits for your short season, low growing crops, such as salad greens.

row cover

DeWitt Row Cover

$0.16 per foot

$164.00 per 1000 ft. roll

$0.25 per foot

$123.00 per 500 ft. roll

$0.66 per foot

$331.50 per 500 ft. roll

$0.30 per foot

$150.80 per 500 ft. roll

$289.90 per 1000 ft. roll

Season extension and pest control benefits, providing protection from pests & light frost while allowing for the transmission of air, light and water. The 0.55 oz. weight allows for 85% light transmission and protects to 30-31 degrees F. The 1.5 oz. weight allows for 50% light transmission and protects to 27-28 degrees F.

shade cloth

50% Shade Cloth

  • 34′ width: $6.50/foot

  • 26′ width: $4.95/foot

This shade cloth allows for 50% transmission of UV light, allowing for extended crop production and protection of delicate nursery plants.

shade cloth clip it

Shade Cloth Clip-Its

  • $0.25 each

These plastic clips fold and snap onto shade cloth, allowing you to secure the fabric with rope without tearing or damaging it. Recommended spacing on shade cloth: 4′ increments

High Tunnel Water Catchment Systems

We design functional systems and provide installation services of high tunnel rainwater catchment and irrigation within a 150 mile radius outside of Berea.
Contact our Social Enterprise Manager, Kayla Preston, at to request a quote.

Surplus Items for Sale

3x100W Solar Panel Array

  • $500

(3) 110 Watt Nature Power solar panels mounted on a custom wooden frame

All three panels were tested with a volt meter in March 2024

Includes cables for connecting the panels to a battery and a charge controller

Used High Tunnel Ground Posts

  • $8 per post

We have a total of 44 used ground posts (1 5/8″ wide, 66″ long) pulled from a high tunnel. These ground posts have compacted dirt inside one end from being pounded into the ground. The other end of the posts have 2 holes from self-tapping tek screws fastening the ground posts to high tunnel bows, which can be reused. The ground posts are structurally sound and could be reused on a high tunnel build.

(10) Galvanized Steel Peaks for High Tunnel Bows

  • $50

These galvanized steel peaks have swaged ends on both sides and can be inserted into standard chain link fencing pipe to create high tunnel bows.

Brand New 15″ ST205/75R15 Trailer Rim (5 on 4.5″)

  • $175

Brand new

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