The Gothic high tunnel is designed with a peaked roof profile. The design allows the grower more headroom on the sides of the tunnel. This design also allows the tunnel to shed snow and water more easily in comparison to the Quonset model.

The tunnel itself is 15 ft wide and 9 ft high. The sides roll up to provide ventilation throughout and the rolling mechanism makes it easy for growers to do themselves. Our standard kit is 48 feet long, but we can build a gothic high tunnel at any 4 foot increment.

The Gothic high tunnel meets and/or exceeds all NRCS standards for grant-funded high tunnels and is also a manageable size for all families.

End Wall Options

72"x42" Sliding Wooden & Polycarbonate Door

Our standard end wall option

Metal Square Tubing with 4'x7' Polycarbonate Door

A more durable end wall option
equipment door end wall gothic high tunnel

7'x7' Equipment Door

Designed to allow farm equipment into and through your high tunnel