It is a beautiful day in West Virginia, the sun is shining bright, no rain or wind. If the weather stays like today, the gardeners will be putting seeds in the ground. We are anxious to get in the dirt and plant those seeds and watch them grow and enjoy them when we can eat. Most everyone cannot wait for tomatoes and green beans. My favorite is peas cooked with new potatoes.

We have received our potatoes and fertilizer and just about everyone has theirs in the ground. We are waiting for more supplies to arrive any day, so we can distribute more to the gardeners. They are very anxious to start, and we are too. They also have onions, lettuce, and early cabbage. We were able to give extra potatoes to those who wanted more. Most of them took an extra bag of potatoes. Buck has been busy starting seeds for us in his greenhouse. We have been bagging seeds, onions, and greens, and waiting on beans, and corn; there is still a lot to do.

We have a combined group of gardeners: some know how to garden, just like the old-timers, young adults who want to learn, and some who need help. We also have a new batch of gardeners from the Logan FRC. The widows are some of the people whom I want to help, as I know when their spouses pass away they lose a big part of their income.

I am going to try for two canning workshops this year, some of the men are very interested in learning to make different things. We can make jelly or jam first then when everything is good in the garden we will make salsa, which is easy to do. Most of the
people have a freezer, so this is what we need to freeze corn and green beans, and almost everyone knows how to do this.