Defining Community (and other fun stuff)

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After consulting Webster's Dictionary, Martha Giddings, a fixture in the Snowshoe/Linwood Real Estate Business, writes: How do you define a community? Communities are made of people, not rhetoric. You can define a community by the shared attributes of the people in it, and/or by the strength of the connections among them. When an organization is

Beans that won’t stop

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Two of our Grow Appalachia family were in the office this morning to pick up fall cover crop seeds, and both made comments along the lines of "I was going to pull up my bean vines for the year, but they won't stop producing!"  It's been a good bean year here in Wise County.  Here


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We have been re-miss in blogging since we've had some operational challenges this year, so for now I wanted to share with you a (very) quick update on our gardens and a recipe that we used in our heart healthy cooking class - always a fun educational workshop and definitely our participants favorite! So, our

Reaping and Sowing: Meet Cheyenne

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Our garden remains robust with tomatoes getting canned, delicious smelling basil, and.....our very first Asian Winged Beans! This was an experiment for us and I am excited to say that we have two whole beans so far. I have a close farmer friend who lives in Uganda. When I visited her in 2015 she had

July in Wise County

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Here are a few scenes from our July Grow Appalachia activities and growers in Wise County, VA: Sue, a second-year participant and her tomatoes.  We made the tomato cages last year from concrete reinforcement wire. One grower made good use of a small unplanted area in her garden with an impressive bed of borage.  It's

Please Do Not Steal the Veggies

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On a serious note, theft at our little community garden is a hot button issue right now.  We have had several of our garden renters report theft. Not just a cucumber here or a tomato there but people bringing plastic bags and buggys and actually shopping the beds. If people had to eat only what

The Wisdom of Wild Foraged Foods

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Harvest Surprises The last reporting period, we were impressed by how many families reported harvests of wild foraged foods. There were the usual blood-purifying delicacies of old like young poke-weed and dandelion greens, but there were also harvests less commonly known like guomi berries. Other delicacies like morel and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms were reported but their