Starting a garden at home!

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Hello families, The sun is out and plants/trees are blooming, what a perfect time to start a family garden! Gardens do not have to be raised beds, you can plant vegetables and flowers in containers. Here is a video one of our 5th grade student leaders at Berea Community Elementary School did to show you

Spring Is Arriving

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Greeting from Cowan Community Center!  My name is Debbie Cook and I am the coordinator for the Grow Appalachia Gardening Program at the Center. When the 2020 garden seed catalogs started arriving in late December, I was really distracted and eager to look at them. I thought about last year's gardens with all the challenges

Tomato Plant Preparation at Berea Community Elementary School

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Imagine: A sweet, juicy, round red fruit grown in a garden. If you thought of a tomato, you're right! Berea Community Elementary School had their green house fixed up and we are ready to grow some plants! Grow Appalachia will engage students, teachers, and families in this exciting new project: a tomato