Five things to include in a garden journal

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A welcomed comment from one of our first-year participants recently concerned what the program meant to he and his wife: “It has taught us many things including discipline concerning recordkeeping.  We are so astonished by the harvest totals.  We would have never come close to guessing our amounts without the recordkeeping.”   They harvested over

Gifted garden

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One thing that's always struck me about gardening in the mountains is how we tack names to our plants.  We connect the things we grow with the person who first introduced us to it, whether it's an apple or bean. When I lived in Kentucky, I would've had very little landscaping had it not been

Pausing to Remember in September

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September is an obvious time for transition in the garden. It’s both sweet and spicy as the last tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and berries come off the vine, the peppers begin to turn colors and the spicy greens sown for fall cover begin to emerge. Some might say that September is the ‘end of the harvest

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