Forest farming

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At this point, our Grow Appalachia families in Wise County, Virginia have completed three of their mandatory classes, and they're planting away.  There have been some challenges so far in the growing season, as I'm sure other sites have experienced as well.  The weather has been a big one.  One of our most involved families

Spring is Finally Here!

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Greetings from Appalachian Sustainable Development! Grow Your Own programming is in full swing here in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We're preparing to offer summer plants this week and next week including a plethora of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Summer seed will include white half runners, rattlesnake preacher beans, squash, and much more. The slow,

Aliens in trees

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Fruit trees are an investment in both time and money, so it's understandable when folks get troubled by unknown growths in those.  I'll often get questions about scaley, greenish-blue things attached to the trunk.  This usually turns out to be a lichen.  A lichen is a fungus and an algae living symbiotically, where the fungus

Good Thymes

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With the opening of Ramella Park coming up in two weeks, we decided to visit our local Pk-8 and get their creative input on some garden signs. Williamson Pk-8 students gave up their gym time to paint some creative and witty signs to brighten up our garden area. With several puns and several "play on

Growing kids love growing kale

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Hello fellow gardeners! Spring has not yet sprung here in the mountains of West Virginia. Winter has been relentless, for the past past month we have had four nor'easters roll through. But with even more cold temperatures and the looming possibility of snow we are more determined than ever to start planning and planting our

Wait, what is kohlrabi?

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Spring 2018 has brought continuous showers here at Rural Resources! Typically we welcome needed spring showers, however, this has been quite the wet spring so far! Perhaps we will become jealous of the rainy weather during the summer. Every dry day has been swept away by a feverish swarm of tilling, bed preparation, and planting. Instead of

The Season Begins

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This is Travis Adkins from Red Bird Mission again.  I attended the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Training on Thursday, March 22nd. The Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) awards grants to States, United States Territories, and federally-recognized Indian tribal governments to provide low-income seniors with coupons that can be exchanged for eligible foods (fruits,