Springing Towards Summer

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  Happy Spring from Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden! Cincinnati, Ohio— We made it through the Ohio frost date and are planting our seedlings furiously!  We are headed towards the beginning of summer and I feel like I can already tase the tomatoes and peppers. Outside of planting, weeding, watering and top dressing our garden beds

Better Late Than Never

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  This spring has been a whirlwind of activity as the Settlement School slowly returns back to business after the pandemic. It seems though, Spring was late this year. The overwhelming green has just started, nearly a month later than normal. I am late as well, just now realizing I have missed last month’s blog.

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Changing seasons and changing lives... As I write this in early May I can hear a soft rain hitting the porch roof. I know this is a welcome sound for the farmers in the Bullskin Creek Grow Appalachia program. We’ve had a pretty good spring so far – not too wet, not too

April beginning with St. Vincent Mission

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The fourth month of the 2022 garden program is right around the corner at St. Vincent Mission! We have monthly meetings with participant aid, tilling jobs, fertilization of new gardens, and a class discussing the “how’s” and “why’s” of garden maintenance. At this month’s meeting, participants were presented with plants, seeds, and greenhouse vouchers. Some

Bamboo bad, BUT…

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It's interesting how badly you can hate a particular invasive species and yet still acknowledge its utility.  Such is the case with bamboo.  Bamboo can be categorized as clumping or running.  The clumping bamboos don't spread as widely, but they aren't very cold-tolerant and often can't survive our winters.  The running bamboos are another story


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