Fall Time in Abingdon

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Greetings from Appalachian Sustainable Development! Fall is a magical time here in Abingdon, Virginia. Honestly, fall is a pretty magical experience anywhere in the Appalachian Mountains. Delicious food traditions, like apple butter and fresh cider, to the deep orange and vibrant red mosaic of the hills, this time of year is a gift. For the

Exploring Our Roots with Leslie Schaller

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For the past 25 years, Community Food Initiatives has been an integral part of the local food economy. In celebrating this milestone for our organization, we are reconnecting with some of our past staff, and we will be sharing their stories over the next several months and “Exploring our Roots.” Leslie Schaller, currently the Director

Syrup-making as a winter activity

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Back in December 2015, we offered a workshop on beginning maple-syrup production.  There were two families in our county already making maple syrup on a small scale, and there had been folks across the border in Letcher County doing that for years.  We had 30 people at the workshop, and several went home afterwards, ordered

Canning Tomatoes

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A lot of gardeners came out for an exciting canning class. Our gardeners canned over 24 quarts. It was an awesome class! And we had one gardener make canned pickles. In the picture you can see she was very excited.

Falling Into Our Fall Harvest

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We have started plowing and preparing the gardens for the Winter. We also had another class on harvesting, and did some more canning as well. There are still a few pumpkins, yellow peppers, watermelon, carrots, cabbage, green peppers and tomatoes also. The excitement is in the air for our Fall crops. A big thank you to

The Golden Joy of Bees

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An event we all looked forward to came around earlier this month. The beehives out at the garden told Mr. Chris Stevens (resident beekeeper and mentor) it was time to harvest honey when he opened up the hives to take a gander. Of our 4 hives there was enough honey to extract from 2 of