A Tale of Two Approaches

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When it comes to gardening, more than one approach is acceptable.  Traditionally, a plot is plowed, disced, and then tilled before sowing.  The traditional approach has no protection against the weather.  Recently, a new approach has begun to be utilized.  This new approach is to use something called a high tunnel.  The high tunnel resembles

Gardens Provide More Than Food

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At the beginning of our quarantine period, toilet paper and hand sanitizer were not the only items that were near impossible to find. We experienced a shortage in seeds and other garden supplies. Many families expressed a desire, and a need, to grow their own food. Fear of the unknown seemed to be the main

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PLANT WITH LOVE, WATCH MIRACLES GROW! Jeanette Mullins 2020 Generous Donation! Jeannette Mullins is a former intern and a dedicated volunteer that has blessed the mission with a 90 x 88 garden plot donation. This generous donation will make the third garden plot for the mission to share with the community and

Grow Wayne Feature in the Herald Dispatch

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HUNTINGTON — For the past few weeks, Lacy Davidson Ferguson and Grow Wayne have been teaching 50 families across Cabell and Wayne counties all about growing and preserving their own crops. A registered dietitian and resource coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, Ferguson has spent her life working with and understanding natural foods.

Cowan Creek

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Greetings from Valerie on Cowan Creek! Grow Appalachia We have been quite, but for too long, but are happy to be here and see all the good work our Grow Appalachia family is doing.  It has been a challenging year, but Debbie Cook, Grow Appalachia Coordinator has done a fabulous check making it work.  Our