Wise County Extension Summer Intern Week 3

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6.17.19 I plan on working Saturday, so I took a half day today. Used the morning to finish planning the dates and venues for my educational programs the rest of my 10 weeks here. After that I visited the home and garden of a Grow Wise participant to prepare for todays Grow Wise meeting.  

Summer Internship With Extension- Week 2

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Week 2 6.10.2019 Most of the morning was spent inside the office. I contacted a few people for some home garden visits for the afternoon. Went to two homes, the first garden was immaculate! The gardeners around this area really know what they are doing. She did however have trouble growing melons and wants to

Beneficial Insects and Mushrooms

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Our meeting in May was jammed packed with activity.  We had Mr. Marcum who did our mushroom workshop earlier this year return to share about blue oyster mushrooms. He also brought gallon sized ziploc bags filled with wood chips and mushroom spores.  Everyone who wanted to try to grow their own mushroom colony got

Summer Internship – Week 1

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Hello Everyone! My name is Joslyn and this was my first week as the summer intern at the Wise County Extension office. I moved to Virginia in January 2019 after graduating from Michigan Technological University where I studied ecology and environmental sciences. I grew up in Manistee Michigan, with Lake Michigan never more than 10

Planning Your Garden for Three Seasons

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On Monday, April 30th, Dr. Rick Durham from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture attended the Grow Appalachia meeting in Magoffin County.  Dr. Durham is a consumer horticulture specialist at the university. The topics discussed during, Dr. Durham’s visit covered everything from choosing a garden spot, to harvesting.  Also, Dr. Durham discussed many varieties

April Showers Bring May….Snow

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Why do I feel like I have written this EXACT title in years past???  I will have to go back and check!  Despite all the wonky weather check out this comparison: The first was 4 years ago today, and the second was taken a few weeks ago...before there was MORE snow in the forecast.  We

Earth Day in the Garden

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Earth day in The Garden of Eatin' @ Ramella Park in East Williamson was a huge success! This year was our second year of hosting earth day in the garden and we could not be more pleased with the turnout! From grandmas to 4 year olds we had a blast while learning about the wonderful