Well hello, there my little pretties.  Taken right out of the mouth of one of our gardeners on Grow Appalachia.  All of our gardeners have been anxiously awaiting the time to plant their gardens and see their rewards.  Many are actually seeing those rewards now by taking advantage of early planting in hopes of not having a late frost to destroy their bounty.   We can truly say we have had people by the carloads flocking to our greenhouse in hopes of getting some of our locally grown plants to plant in their gardens.  At this time, we currently are out of all of the major plants except for watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, and eggplant.  It has been a great year for the greenhouse but a lot of work.

In this blog, we will share the efforts and hard work our gardeners have been doing whether it be planting, fertilizing, tilling, plowing, and more.

This collage of photos shows a lot of hard work by individuals as well as groups such as our community garden partnership with the Turkey Nazarene Church and the University of Kentucky CDC Grant.  This grant as well as Grow Appalachia will allow these individuals to grow and disburse locally grown vegetables to the community free of charge.  What a great idea we think.