Gallery of Gardens

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We're in the midst of a heat wave and our crops are bursting with juicy flavor. Here's our gallery of gardens and some quotes of what this garden program has meant to our gardeners. Enjoy! Grow Appalachia has been very helpful to me, they gave me seeds and fertilizer that I couldn't afford to buy,


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I'm not sure our Linwood Community Daycare kids know how great they have it!  Below are some photos of the little ones harvesting potatoes...taters!  Red taters, purple taters and regular old normal taters!  Once again, we won the battle against those awful Colorado Potato Beetles.  Mechanical beetle control is something I was never fond of

Wise County Extension Summer Intern Week 3

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6.17.19 I plan on working Saturday, so I took a half day today. Used the morning to finish planning the dates and venues for my educational programs the rest of my 10 weeks here. After that I visited the home and garden of a Grow Wise participant to prepare for todays Grow Wise meeting.  

Summer Internship With Extension- Week 2

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Week 2 6.10.2019 Most of the morning was spent inside the office. I contacted a few people for some home garden visits for the afternoon. Went to two homes, the first garden was immaculate! The gardeners around this area really know what they are doing. She did however have trouble growing melons and wants to