Veggie Queens

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--Karline Jensen, High Rocks, Hillsboro, WV As we come full circle to the forecast of frost, and say goodbye to the families that have been with us this season, I'd like to share some photos from the High Rocks gardens.  Our Veggie Queens are our inspiration to share our gardening resources with the wider community;


By |October 11th, 2018|Red Bird Mission|

Travis here, I went to the "Maximizing High Tunnel Production" Field Day that Organic Association of Kentucky "OAK" hosted at Good Thymes Organic Farm in Williamsburg KY on Thursday September 6th. The field day was very informative and had a lot of good speakers there. We would like to thank OAK for having us and

Season Extension

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--Karline Jensen, High Rocks, Hillsboro, WV At our recent Season Extension workshop, we started out with a circle sharing our experiences with frost.  Some gardeners shared about crops they had successfully harvested after frost -- kale, carrots, potatos, spinach, beets, and other crops that stood the cold and remained in good condition.  Others told of

The Season to Step Back

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One of the most influential phrases I’ve read over the years spoke to how a neat and tidy garden isn’t the sign of a good gardener. It’s the sign of a neat and tidy gardener. This time of year, some gardens end up full of weed seeds or eaten down by groundhogs. It can