A new season has begun and not just in the garden but also for the Cowan Community Action Group. Hello! My name is Abby Maggard and I am the new site coordinator at Cowan Community Action Group. I have a small flower farm on Big Branch in Viper, KY where my Dad always raised his garden. He was one of Cowan’s first Grow Appalachia participants. Cowan Grow Appalachia gave us the opportunity to take canning classes together among many other things that are memories I will cherish forever and I am honored to take on this role.

Here at Cowan we have had some really great workshops including Garden Planning and Planting, High Tunnel Growing Workshop with Paul Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm Solutions and Pest and Disease Management with Dr. Nicole Gauthier and Dr. Jonathan, University of Kentucky.

While all these workshops are important, none of it quite measures up to the lesson Harper is learning by working in the garden with her Pap. Most of our growers are off to a good season with peas, onions, lettuce, cabbage and potatoes in the ground. We all look forward to growing together.