Instant Love

Oh my goodness I just ran over to the garden to get a couple onions to make turkey enchilada's for dinner. Last week I had bought a Jicama at Kroger's and I thought oh what's…
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Spring update

Spring has certainly Sprung. So much has happened where to start. We've planted almost everything. We have a plethora of beans emerging from the good earth along with the corn. We've planted rows of tomatoes…
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Spring update from LMU

Here is Dan and daughter Dea(possibly misspelled) she is cutting blinds for plant markers and dad is doing the printing.  They make a great team don't they?  Also above is our hay covered potato slip…
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Cutest Potato Planter

Okay consider this an update to my earlier post today. Grandma Bev sent me these two pics of our cutest youngest potato planter last friday. Last night at the Sweet Potato bedding class Stacy told…
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conference and corn

It was wonderful meeting everyone at the conference! It is great work we are doing together helping people learn to grow good food for themselves and others. I wish everyone the best of luck, strength,…
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Life in Harrogate

I see I haven't posted in almost a month. We've been having educational speakers. One canceled meeting due to weather. We've had several new people join. We haven't been able to do to much because…
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