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So I promised a couple ladies at church we would make pesto. I put it off because I was busy and there was no frost in the weather forecast. Then thursday night it’s not looking good for Saturday night. I’m panicking what can we do to get this done. I think well it’s a weekend so maybe we could include husbands and have a Pesto Party. They went for it. We had a Great time!!! They brought Macaroni and Cheese and I made garden salads and zuchinni chocolate chip cake. Now the reason you have to have Mac n Cheese is that a dollop of fresh Pesto on Mac’n’cheese is HEAVEN! We included a couple more families as well. We got the basil leaves picked off the plants in record time and buzzed up the pesto in the food processor. My recipe is to shove as many basil leaves in the processor as possible, add a handful of walnuts, 4-8 cloves of garlic, and enough olive oil to get it to process. I like to put 2-5 tablespoons in a ziplock snack bag lay it flat, gently pat it flat to get air out and freeze. I’m sorry for the poor picture quality. Oh and it was good we got it done because it frosted and the two things effected were the basil and the sweet potatoes. Soooo before church I had to cut the vines off 6 beds of sweet potatoes we hadn’t gotten to yet.