By |October 5th, 2017|RAIL|

Thank y'all for coming! =) The farmers market is doing really well, our gardeners are producing some really nice produce I think they really enjoy having a garden a producing


By |August 4th, 2017|RAIL|

Thank y’all for coming and sorry for being so late with this one we were having problems with the password but we are back and ready to get y’all caught


By |August 4th, 2017|RAIL|

Thanks for coming! June was a wonderful month for gardening, we went around to all the gardens to see how they were coming along and they were looking awesome. One

By |March 31st, 2017|RAIL|

We’re doing things a bit differently this post around! A few vital elements of sustaining our Grow Appalachia program, and anything we here at RAIL dip our toes into, are:

Love Thy Lentil

By |February 28th, 2017|RAIL|

Homo sapiens developed civilizations, we all know that. Our ancient ancestors transitioned from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle to something more casual (the gardening, farming, livestock raising, stationary, home-owning way of life)


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