Thanks for coming!

Here we are on the last day of this rainy April, anxious to really kick things into high gear. Here at RAIL we’ve had our hands (and our mouths) full! On April 10th we were lucky enough to have our regional friends and David spend some time with us over pintos and cornbread. It was a wonderful experience for us and ya’ll sure did give us some great ideas! Being the new kids on the block, we love to hear about your experiences and will gladly take all the help we can get!


We’ve also made several trips back out to our participants’ garden sites to wrap up some trivial things, hand out some seeds, and help some of our friends put those seeds in the ground. Some of our gardeners have already experienced the fruits of their labor! Onions and lettuce found new homes on kitchen tables and inevitably heirloom china.


Back at the MOC the peas, lettuce, and onions are growing strong and are ready to eat! Tim has finalized his repairs of the irrigation system in the high tunnel which makes things a lot easier around here. Looks like no more carrying 10 watering cans from the building to the yard for us! We’ve started a wide variety of seeds, which we’re extremely excited about and our tomatoes are thriving and ready to make their way to gardens.


Beautiful Peas!


Ready to Eat Onions!