Homo sapiens developed civilizations, we all know that. Our ancient ancestors transitioned from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle to something more casual (the gardening, farming, livestock raising, stationary, home-owning way of life) and as our aunts and uncles of antiquity lead our unique species into the future, they brought with them – Lens culinaris, (the lentil). For thousands of years the lentil, one of the first domesticated crops, has been sustaining the human race. In fact lentils have been part of our diet so long that they have been found at archaeological sites dating back 8000-13000 years!

Less anciently, lentils have been considered nothing more than poor people’s food. As an example, poor Catholics would substitute lentils for fish during lent because it was a much cheaper alternative that still packed a nutritious punch.

100g or 3.5oz of uncooked lentils provide:

353 calories

63 g carbohydrates

2g sugar

10.7g dietary fiber

1g fat

25g protein

76%DV Thiamine

18%DV Riboflavin

17%DV Niacin

43%DV Pantothenic acid

42%DV Vitamin B6

120%DV Folate

5%DV Vitamin C

(Calcium 6%, Iron 50%, Magnesium 13%, Phosphorus 40%, Potassium 14%, Zinc 35%)