Grow Ohio Valley

Grow Ohio Valley Wheeling, West Virginia 2021 Grow Ohio Valley is an agricultural nonprofit based in Wheeling, WV that has been building community through local food since 2014. We envision a region where farmers flourish and local, healthy food is a way of life, and

Grow Appalachia WVU FNP

Grow Appalachia at West Virginia University's Family Nutrition Program Wayne, West Virginia 2020 WVU Extension Service programs promote a healthy lifestyle for West Virginians of all ages. Our resources provide information on health and wellness, health initiatives, staying active and finding flavorful foods. Health starts here.

Step-by-Step Big Ugly

Step-by-Step Big Ugly Charleston, West Virginia 2012 The Big Ugly Community Center in southern Lincoln County is the only public building (including grocery stores and schools) for a 30 minute drive in any direction. The Center was developed after a 1993 consolidation drive closed the

Linwood Community Daycare

Linwood Community Daycare Linwood Learning Adventures and Community Daycare is a nonprofit community owned and operated early learning program. They partner with local families, Episcopal ministries, and the community to enrich and encourage developmental growth for children, with a focus on health and the outdoors. With the opening of the Linwood Library

High Rocks

High Rocks Hillsboro, West Virginia 2011 High Rocks runs educational programs focused on critical thinking and leadership.  Our mission is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and INSPIRE young people in West Virginia. We seek to inspire a culture of learning. Young people in the Ruby Grow Program are social enterprise business partners

Alderson Community Food Hub

Alderson Community Food Hub Grow Appalachia partnered with Alderson Community Food Hub from 2015 through 2017. The Food Hub was a community food security and local food access organization based in Alderson, WV. The mission of the Food Hub was to connect everyone from producers to consumers in the Greenbrier Valley, provide


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