Civic Garden Center

Riddle-Yates Community Garden Cincinnati, Ohio 2013 Building community through gardening, education and environmental stewardship. We work with neighborhood residents to create community gardens, providing training and technical support for growing fruits and vegetables to create sustainable projects for the entire Greater Cincinnati region. We bring

St. Vincent Mission

St. Vincent Mission David, Kentucky 2011-2015, 2017 St. Vincent Mission is a community of people in Appalachia dedicated to sharing the expression of Christian Values. We believe that all persons have a God-ordained right to the basic needs of life in order to meet their

Step-by-Step Big Ugly

Step-by-Step Big Ugly Charleston, West Virginia 2012 The Big Ugly Community Center in southern Lincoln County is the only public building (including grocery stores and schools) for a 30 minute drive in any direction. The Center was developed after a 1993 consolidation drive closed the

Red Bird Mission

Red Bird Mission Beverly, Kentucky 2010 Since 1921, Red Bird Mission, non-profit, guided by Jesus Christ, creates opportunities for individuals to enrich their lives and positively impact others within the mountains of southeastern Kentucky. Our vision is to build healthy, sustainable communities. Our partnership with


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