Owsley County Farm-to-School

The Owsley County Farm to School program will be administered by the Owsley County Farmers’ Market for 2024. The program will continue to work with the Owsley County Board of Education to use the community gardens on the school site and the Owsley County FFA program will continue with their involvement in the program. We have increased the number of participants to twenty-five local families who will have the opportunity to grow home gardens, raised beds/container gardens or choose a site at school from the community gardens. Participants will be invited to attend all the trainings offered by the farmers market to allow them to sell any excess produce at the market in addition to the traditional trainings offered by the Grow Appalachia program.

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The Dog Days of Summer

July 25th, 2023|

The Dog Days of Summer Have Arrived Here in Appalachia, the summer equinox has come and gone, and we have