Project Description

Owsley County Farm-to-School

In 2008 Owsley County was identified as a food desert. With only one grocery store and no farmers market at the time, many residents would have to travel across county lines to get fresh quality produce. Owsley County Schools began to partner with Grow Appalachia to form a community and school garden. Nestled on the 10 acre school farm, the community garden has enough space for 33 families to grow fresh, organic produce.

The Owsley County Community Garden is a place that binds generations of families, learning never stops, neighbors continue to lend helping hands, and the overall quality of life and well-being of the community is improved. Since the partnership with Grow Appalachia began, a farmers market has established on the school farm as well as a school garden to provide produce for the Owsley County School District. This is a great project that benefits the entire Owsley County community.


Booneville, KY

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