Community Matters

Community Matters exists to create a thriving and more just community by removing barriers to opportunity. Community Matters works closely in partnership with residents of the Lower Price Hill neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we believe that all people can thrive when positive opportunities exist within their community.

Our work focuses on four core areas: 1) Family Sustainability– ensuring all families have the resources to meet their goals; 2) Education Pathways– adult learners have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills; 3) Resident Leadership– residents spearhead community development and hold power in community institutions; 4) Thriving Community– Lower Price Hill is an affordable and vibrant place to live.

As part of our Resident Leadership work, the LPH Community Gardens were developed to grow meaningful relationships among neighbors, ensure access to local, fresh produce, beautify vacant spaces, and create positive opportunities for residents to learn about food production. Three LPH Community Gardens, totaling 15,000 square feet of growing space, are currently in operation. In addition, we support a cohort of more than a dozen home gardens where neighbors can grow independently. Monthly garden parties during our growing season offer opportunities for neighbors to share in collaborative garden education, and every season, teens from the neighborhood are hired as garden apprentices to lead planting, maintenance, and harvesting.

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