Yogurt 101

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Debbie Strickland here, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps at Rural Resources, in beautiful Greeneville, TN!  Last week I posted about all our firstsssss, and promised to give you directions to make your own yogurt at home.  Well, here we go!  Do not get overwhelmed with this hard, difficult, hot, brain teasing task.  (I hope you don't think I


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I feel like the last few weeks have been nothing but firstssss on everything!  Good Spring everyone from Rural Resources in East Tennessee.  Debbie, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps, here again to share what has been happening in our neck of the mountains.  (I bet you thought I was going to say woods!)  The first day of Spring

Work, in the snow?!

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Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has been having this warmer weather, compared to the cold, snow, and ice most everyone had just a few weeks ago.  Debbie, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps, here at Rural Resources, trying to shuffle through the mounds of work that needs to be caught up.  I have managed to re-arrange my 6 classes

Sprouting Seeds of Change

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The weather roller coaster is still going on in Greene County, TN.  Hi everyone, Debbie here with Rural Resources, patiently waiting the roller coaster with all the ups and downs of temperatures to finally come to a stop.  I don't know about anybody else, but roller coasters get my stomach all flip-flopped around.  With the weather,

Celebration, reflection, and just move on!!!

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Hello everyone!  I cannot believe how time as flown by!  I have started to write so many different blogs, but have been tied down with celebrating, reflecting, and just moving on into 2015!  We have had so much happening here at Rural Resources in Greeneville, TN.  I don't think we ever have a down time.

Late fall crops still coming in and butter

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Winter has been knocking at our doors in East Tennessee.  Debbie reporting in from Rural Resources in Greeneville, TN.  Our teens have bedded some of their gardens down for winter, but a few have decided to continue to grow.  In preparation for the weather, we have been adding plastic coverings to their raised beds to

Season Extension – just in time for first snow!

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We had our first snow fall Halloween night!  Tooooooooo early!  Parts of our county had an inch, some 6 inches.  It was beautiful to see that white fluffy stuff, but not expecting it this early in the season.  Hmmm I wonder what winter will really be like????   Just before this storm came and visited

Remanencing down memory lane

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MMMM.... Apple butter!  We made apple butter yesterday, but that story later.  Now, after I have gotten your attention with the picture, this is Debbie, Appalachia Cares Americorp member,  from Rural Resources in Greeneville, TN.  I had every intention to talk about our apple butter making, corn hole contest, chickens 101, and garden updates, but

Success: Cook-off winners!

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Today was such an exciting day:  teens working together, teams planning a meal, smells floating through the air, skills at work, sweat and pressure, an amazing display in Greeneville, TN!  Debbie here from Rural Resources, and we were pleased to organize our 2nd teen chopped cook-off with teens who have been through, at least, our cooking