Month of Celebration in Greene County, TN!

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It seems like so long ago since our last blog! I feel like not much happened, but reflecting back, many things happened and lots of fun came from those "happenings". Hi all, Debbie here, Appalachia/AmeriCorps at Rural Resources. We celebrated our teens and kids going back to school!!!! Yayaya!!!! Oh, this all sounds great and


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Hi Everyone! Debbie Strickland, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps at Rural Resources, reporting in from Greene County, in East Tennessee. July just seems like the invasion month - rains, weeds, mosquitos, weeds, heat wave, weeds, a visit from Candace :), weeds, rabbits, weeds, coons/ground hogs, weeds, fair, and if I haven't mentioned it enough - WEEDS! The month

Sum Sum Summertime!

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What a month!  I have missed posting on here every week.  (Yes, I cannot believe I just said that!)  I did not realize until a month went by, how much has happened and how much we all post about each month on a weekly basis.  Debbie here, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps, at happening Rural Resources in Greene

Scavengers of all sizes!

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Scavengers invaded our salad station today at Jonesborough Farmer's Market in Jonesborough, TN.  Hello everyone, Debbie, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps, reporting in on Rural Resources in Greeneville, TN.  Our teens rose this morning with the sun to make sure to be on time for Jonesborough Farmer's Market kids day scavenger hunt.  We took our new gardening teens to

“I’m Late, I’m Late for a very important date!”

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I feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, I am late for our date this weekend!  White rabbit Debbie here, Appalachia/AmeriCorps, from Rural Resources in Greeneville, TN, trying to find my time again!  How time flies and everything needs done at the same time.  I am working on so many projects, many that are

Healthy Soil Workshop, pigs, more pigs, and plants

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Sun, warmth, plants, beaches, swimsuits, sand, oh!  Boy, it is so easy to get distracted with the sun shining so bright, warm air moving in, and dreams of sandy white beaches and swimming take over.  Debbie, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps, here in Greeneville, TN, enjoying warm and sun at Rural Resources!  I am so excited to begin thinking that

Developing a Regional Strategy for a Robust Food System

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By Jason Von Kundra from Sprouting Hope in Marion, VA "The more organized we are, the more effective we will be" was a theme of today's meeting to build resource capacity and develop a regional strategic plan for Eastern Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The scope of the discussion was as extensive as our complex food system:

Strawberries, celebration, and feed the soil!

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Debbie here, Appalachia Cares/AmeriCorps, at Rural Resources in Greeneville, TN, hoping everyone had a wonderful week!  I have been busy scheduling and re-scheduling garden setups and tilling for several weeks now.  It seems that the rain, as wonderful as it is and needed to make everything grows, knows just when to rain to keep me