About Georganna

I am eastern Kentucky born and raised. I graduated from Morgan County High School then attained my BA in Communications Management from Morehead State University in 2001. After completing my schooling, I moved to Louisville, KY and worked in IT for a healthcare credentialing company. I loved Louisville, but it was a bit *too* far from home. I moved to Lexington and continued working in IT before landing a position in International Sales with a Japanese company in Georgetown, KY. I moved back to West Liberty for familial reasons. I had plans to return to central Kentucky, but life had other plans for me. The tornado of March 2, 2012 changed everything. I volunteered for six months in the aftermath, cleanup, and recovery by cooking meals for survivors, volunteers, workers, and anyone needing a hot meal. The experience caused the realization that this is my home. This is where I belong. Reconnecting with my community through those events caused me to begin looking at ways I could help improve this town, county, and region. I couldn't do that unless I committed to staying here permanently. So, I did. Now, I work for a group of radio stations for which I do marketing, production, and sales. (This is the FIRST time I have used my degree for its intent!) I am so very grateful to be a part of bringing Grow Appalachia to Morgan County as it will be an amazing component in renewal and growth.


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