Hello Friends, just like that old wheel, Spring has rolled around once more to Red Bird and Appalachia. Our recent Grow Appalachia meeting had a great turn out of around 65 participants, including 31 returning members and 21 new members.

We covered several topics ranging from resting our garden in the fall, to planning our new garden for this season. We discussed tips for successful spring gardening as well as cole crops in our Appalachia climate while also discussing the many benefits of Grow Appalachia, from access to resources to a supportive community. Some members took notes while others listened with a keen ear. Excitement was buzzing about our upcoming farmers market where new and old farmers will get to showcase our harvests. I’m so excited about this season and all the passion and dedication shown by all of our members. Together, were not only nurturing our plants, but a sense of community and connection to the land between the mountains.