Hello again friends, we are wrapping up our growing season here on the Redbird River. Some of us are forging ahead into the Fall growing season while others are putting our gardens to rest. Every growing season is in some ways alike, and in others very different. We helped alot of great people and families raise tons of great produce while teaching and being taught. Besides all the great food that we get to bring home, I think the lessons we get to teach and more importantly, learn, are some of the best thing to come from our Grow App meetings. Although this Grow Appalachia seson is coming to an end, we are surly excited for next year and already counting down to Spring. This season we have had our ups and our downs. We grew alot of great food, ate some of it, sold some of it, gave some to our neighbors, saved some of it, and had alot of fun doing it. After its all said and done, there is nothing like bringing the fruits of your labor home to those you Love.