Hello friends, what an amazing season we have had, here on the banks of the Red Bird River. From breaking new ground and getting our seeds ready, to harvesting, food preservation and cover crops, we have shared this journey, along with Fifty-Five families. We have taught classes from how to plan and plant our gardens, all the way to take our produce to market and save our produce.   Our Grow Appalachia program is so loved and valued in our community, it’s hard to truly put a number value on what it provides. Our members love the sense of community our meetings bring.

This season our Farmers Market has flourished with new farmers/vendors and customers, while building on success of the past seasons. We are tucked away in the mountains, but one visit and you’ll love our farmers market. Like every growing season, we have had our ups and our downs but in the long run, we grew a lot of great food, ate some of it, gave some to our neighbors, saved some of it, and had fun doing it. There is nothing like bringing the fruits of your labor home to those you love.