Hello again everyone, we’re in the midst of the warmest part of the year here at Redbird but that also means were doing a lot of harvesting as well. Over the last month we have been harvesting our crops of corn, beans, cucumbers, onions and potatoes, while our tomatoes, melons and peppers are still thriving.  At our July meeting we were joined by around 50 members from our Grow Appalachia program, where we were taught proper canning and preservation techniques. Our members also participated in a guided tour of our on campus, public commercial kitchen facilities. We have been canning here on campus and at the house now, what seems like almost every day for the last few weeks.  We love this time of year when our hard work begins to pay off in ways other than our hats collecting sweat. Our cupboards and freezers are filling up and our bellies are full. It also pays off on those long winter months when you can pull out some fresh beans or corn and taste those summer days..