Hello Friends, we just wanted to take some time and tell you about a few things that’s been happening on campus. We have been busy throughout the community finishing up some last minuet tilling for some of our members and distributing some organic fertilizer as well. We have been busy working our own community gardens as well, including four plots on the main campus alone.

We held our third meeting of the year last night, here in the Cramer Room, where we had about 45 members in attendance with around 60 people all together. We were joined by our Associate Director at Grow Appalachia, Mark Walden, and the social enterprise program associate, Steph Hamborsky. Before the meeting, we got to tour a few local farms and identify where our farmers were having success and where they might be having some challenges. Mark gave a great presentation over garden maintenance for the season, including what tools work different types of soil best, weed and pest control, and staking and pruning our plants. After the meeting, members were given their summer plants which included five varieties of tomatoes, four varieties of pepper, okra, watermelon, cantaloupe, and zucchini.

We are getting ready for a great growing season here on the banks of the Red Bird River, with everyday getting warmer and new things sprouting and being planted. We have had a great start to the year and we are getting ready to kick off Farmers Market season next month.