It’s Getting Green around Red Bird

Hello Friends, It’s another beautiful day here on campus at Red Bird Mission, and we have had a busy Spring, to say the least. We have been fortunate enough to plow or till around fifteen garden spots, so far, for Grow App members.  It seems like we have had a tractor or tiller running nonstop the last three weeks, which is a great thing, but we are ready to put some plants to dirt as well.

Earlier this month, Pino and Myself, made the trip from Redbird to Berea, to pick up two pallets of organic fertilizer for our members. We held our second Grow App meeting on March 28th, where we discussed different planting techniques and methods.  We discussed rows and spacing,  when and where to plant, and what varieties would work well for each individual environment.  After the meeting we distributed fertilizer and a flat of spring vegetables to each member.  The flats included Stonehead, Golden Cross and Bravo cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Kohlrabi.

It seems like everything has came to life in the last few weeks. Bees abuzz and butterflies aflutter, our members are getting their hands dirty as they begin a new growing season. Things are warming up all around Appalachia and personally, its my favorite time of year. Hope Abounds.