Our first farmers market is fast approaching and I can’t wait. So many plans have gone into making it a success. I have contacted vendors and crafts people and invited them to the event. That’s what I hope to make it, an event. I want to get the community as excited about the market as I am.

Market Crops

Crops are planted or planned. Farmers have been asked to plant extra so that they might sale at the market also. I am looking forward toward fall myself already. I am planning on planting painted corn, squash and pumpkins to sell at the market this fall.

The Red Bird Valley Kitchen has been advertised to members as the perfect place to make value-added products and it is. And of course, I am extra excited about are our blackberries and the wonderful value-added products that will be made using them.


We always use a portion of our grant money to purchase strawberries, blackberries and other starts from the local extension office. Last year I purchased blackberries among other things, but I could only get 1 blackberry plant per member. To my delight we received a grant from BerryCare and members received 6 more blackberry plants plants each and supplies to give them a good start.

Below is some very interesting information about BerryCare.

BerryCare &UK


Berries and more Berries

This year BerryCare has brought members netting, staples, information about care and other supplies to make their berry production a success. I distributed them at our last GA distribution. With our Grow Appalachia grant monies this year I was able to get members raspberries, black raspberries, and blueberries this year.

I’ve gone out and visited several different GA members and their farms and was pleased to see how well the vines were doing. Some blossoms were hit by a little frost but as a whole they are doing very well.

The strawberries are doing well also, lush green plants bursting with blossoms fill farmers strawberry beds. Soon my farmers market will be over-flowing with blackberry jelly and strawberry jam. Not to mention the fresh baked goods my members are producing. I can almost taste the blackberry cobbler and ice cream.

So we are not just about vegetables. We see the importance of adding fruits and berries into our diets. Don’t get me wrong though. There’s nothing like a garden fresh tomato but if you ask some, they might tell you that’s a fruit too.