Rough Start

There’s a saying, “Red sky in the morning sailor take a warning”. Well 2021 must have started off with a really red sky.

2020 was pretty hard on everyone and 2021 hasn’t started out any easier. Major snow events, ice storms, large scale power outages and flooding have really taken a toll on our region.

Distribution Cancelled

I had our first distribution planned for Feb. 11th. However, Mother Nature had other plans. My members were scheduled, seed potatoes ready to go, onion sets bagged, little Sugar Ann peas waiting to go into the ground then boom! Snow every where! My distribution was cancelled. With the seed potatoes safely tucked into the warehouse I rescheduled. I called all my members, all 60 of them, and set up new times for them to pick up their lessons and supplies.


Monday, March 1st

My second attempt at getting the supplies to members was almost thwarted. On February 27th and 28th it came a major deluge. Flooding rocks the region and roads are suddenly gone, and mountain sides slip into the highways. I decide to go on with our distribution and I am glad I did. In the end I had 50 members show up and get their supplies.

This is the same road as the previous picture.

Distribution Day at Last

Red Sky at Night…

Now the days are becoming warmer  and longer and hopefully Mother Nature has all this craziness out of her system. The Grow Appalachia member here at Red Bird have began get their gardens ready, hopeful for a good spring and summer.