Red Bird Strong

Things may have almost come to a screeching halt in most of the nation but Grow Appalachia in Red Bird, Kentucky is still going strong.  We are still distributing and tilling the earth here in the mountains and we are so thankful to have Grow Appalachia in our community. The Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example why home gardening is so important. Having fresh veggies at your door step is a blessing. It keeps you safely out of the public and you know your produce is clean and healthy.


To keep our staff and community safe we have implemented a system that seems to be working very well to get our members the plants and supplies they need. We are having them form a line while staying in their vehicles and pulling up to our storehouse when it’s their turn. When they get there we check off their names and place their items in their vehicle, making sure there is no human to human contact. This worked very well at out last distribution, so we will continue with this plan. We are also including their educational material with their supplies along with our contact information as well as the local extension agents, if they have any questions. (The photo was taken before the stricter recommendations were in place.)

Seed potatoes arriving at the mission.

Field Worker Extraordinaire

We were lucky enough to be able to ad a field worker to the team this growing season and it was a blessing that we did. I had a death in my family recently and had to travel to West Virginia to be with them. While there the Kentucky Governor recommended that anyone returning from out of state quarantine for 14 days. So here I  am quarantined.  Thank goodness I have someone who loves to garden and has a huge wealth of knowledge. Nathaniel “Pino” Brock joined the team just in time and he’s crushing it! He has tilled multiple gardens, started seeds in our greenhouse, started raised beds at the Red Bird Mission DeWall Senior Center, tilled and planted gardens on campus, picked up supplies and so much more. He has made my life as a trapped GA Coordinator so much easier. I’m a control freak and having someone like him working with me has made my life easier. It has allowed me to do the office work from home and has kept my eye twitching  to a minimum.

Here are some photos I would like to share.


Pino working on the raised beds at the Sr. Center

De Wall Senior Center

Volunteer Elizabeth helping Pino in our garden.

GA member Ruth Ann

Our first sprouts!

Blackberries for the BerryCare program

Pino planting cabbages in one of the Red Bird Mission gardens.

Blessings from Red Bird Mission. Stay healthy and happy gardening!