By GreenHouse17 Staff

It’s been said it takes a long time to grow a good friendship. As 2016 comes to an end, we’re celebrating some of the beautiful friendships that blossomed on our farm to support survivors this year.

  • January was full of snow and friends from The Southern SAWG Conference,  who visited the farm to learn more about our programming.
  • In February, we launched our Flower CSA, and so many of our friends made a commitment to Community Supported Agriculture.
  • March was full of new friends because two teams of college students—from Northwestern University and University of Delaware—spent their spring breaks with us on the farm!
  • In April, we celebrated compost donations from our friends at Carman Landscape Architects, Seedleaf, and Creech Services.
  • May was all about the installation of our new Coolbot, thanks to the help of our friend Wayne from Laurel County.
  • In June we gathered with 30 new friends in Clark County during an Evening with GreenHouse17 featuring culinary creations by Chef Dan Wu.
  • July was about our good friendship with popcorn from the farm! We just can’t get enough of it.
  • In August, summer stipend participants reflected about their time on the farm, and reminded us that gardening is connected to every family’s story in some way.
  • September marked the production of a video about the farm by our friends at Kentucky Together.
  • In October, our good friend and co-worker Kathy talked about the importance of field-to-table meals in the shelter.
  • November was a month of thanks, especially for  our long-time friendship with the Mizzou Alternative Breaks program at the University of Missouri.

May the light of new and old friendships shine on each and every Grow Appalachia partner site in the new year!