The cold winter and late showing spring made so much of the energy we had wanted to create early, seem to move in slow motion. Knowing how much work we needed to accomplish as the window of opportunity started to close kept us all on pins and needles. What has been amazing to watch is the crescendo of activity that we have started to witness coming together in the past few weeks. Week by week a few more volunteers join in and the work gets lighter. We work hard, all the while getting to know each other better, building a community around our 7,000 square foot garden.

On the eve of the Saturday before Memorial Day with another big planting day planned, we eagerly anticipate the new faces we will see tomorrow and welcome them into the family. We are not only growing food, we are also growing as individuals and a community. Gardens bring people together. Strong communities create ways to better communicate and better solve problems. All of this is very exciting!

individual plots

This week, as a community of faith, we will also be participating in what we call Rogation Days. Our Rogation Days ceremony welcomes all, but is not a requirement of participation in our project. Wednesday evening, May 28, we will hold a Rogation Day procession to our Grow Appalachia garden to pray for healthy crops and an abundant harvest. The observation of Rogation days is a very old custom that at one time involved a procession around the boundaries of the parish with prayers for the crops. You are encouraged to bring a small amount of your own garden soil in a container to also be blessed. All soil present will be blessed with the intention that it will lead to a fruitful season, filling our nutritional and ornamental needs, and being shared with our respective communities. You hold or retrieve your containers of garden soil at the end of the blessing. All are welcome to this service. It will begin at 6:30 p.m., outside in the garden.

Come on up to Richmond, 2323 Lexington Road, if you are interested in experience this unique ceremony.