Meet Hank Pinkerton, pioneering gardener at the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour. Last year Hank, a resident of Berea, took a risk by starting work on a community garden as an experiment to show what could be done with the land we had in our possession.

Last year’s garden was small in comparison to our plans this year, but you always have to start somewhere and where Hank started paved a path for the future. Hank and crew last year grew 350 lbs. of food for local families. It took a lot of hard work but proved that as a group we had the ability to make a huge contribution.

According to the 2012 Feeding America annual of food insecurity in America, Madison County has approximately 13,000 people that are food insecure. The need is great. It is very exciting that we as a faith community have started to figured out a way to proactively give back.

This Saturday, potatoes are going in the ground, just a small segment of the great work we have ahead of us. And a huge THANK YOU to Hank, our pioneer!