Harvest Table Farm has been in production for years, but has been part of Appalachian Sustainable Development’s Grow Your Own program just in 2022! This is truly an incredible farm. The farmers here provide all the produce for a local restaurant as well as raise a toddler!

Erin and Jonny have built an amazing set-up. They not only provide all the produce for Harvest Table Restaurant, but they also sell produce at the local Farmer’s Market, give to friends and neighbors, and manage to participate in our program (both giving advice and receiving it)!

The heat here in SWVA hasn’t stopped this farm’s production. In fact, these wonderful farmers will be hosting our next workshop. Their fields are in fantastic shape and they will be answering questions about pest control, weed suppression, and general garden maintenance for our other participants. It is heartwarming that we have people in our community who are willing to take the time to help their fellow farmers/gardeners.