The fourth month of the 2022 garden program is right around the corner at St. Vincent Mission! We have monthly meetings with participant aid, tilling jobs, fertilization of new gardens, and a class discussing the “how’s” and “why’s” of garden maintenance.

At this month’s meeting, participants were presented with plants, seeds, and greenhouse vouchers. Some of the new plants and seeds that were given out include; Corn, Carrots, Rhubarb, and Cucumbers. Garden participants were also happy to learn that we were able to purchase seeding potatoes for them as part of the program aid. Members also experienced a special appearance from Keith Hackworth, who went over the importance of garden maintenance, pest control, and the types of pesticide commonly used.

Tilling jobs have also begun for our partakers. The garden staff of St. Vincent Mission has currently tilled 9 plots for the participants that have requested aid. We have also given out bags of fertilizer to those who needed it. Over 20 bags have been received.

As a bonus, a few contributors to this program were interviewed. In this month’s spotlight, we have Tracey Slone. She has been a local for 24 years, and has a gardening record of 6 years. She has stated that she absolutely enjoys everything there is to gardening and plans on enjoying her harvest with friends and family. When asked about the program, she said that it’s great and is looking forward to seeing it grow. Sharing the center stage, we have Tammy and Richard Price. They’ve been locals for over 63 years. Their gardening experience includes 15 years for their current residence and extends to previous experience of raising gardens. Their love for gardening stems from an interest of nutrition and having fresh food readily available. They plan to eat, sell, preserve, and share the harvest from their garden! When asked about the program, they stated the wonder that comes from the cost and potential gain of gardening. They have hopes that the program will help increase their knowledge and garden productivity.