Spring in the Garden.  Spring in the garden is a busy time.  Let’s say that again.  Spring in the garden is a busy time.  From soil samples, soil prep, tilling, and more takes a lot of effort.  We have been busy here at the extension office with soil samples as well as growing plants in the greenhouse for Grow Appalachia and packing seeds for participants as well as distributing those items.  We also have been very busy with ordering items we think our gardeners will need in the foreseeable future, especially with supply issues, along with coordinating the pickup and distribution of items.  The rain has been another factor for us this year but we have most of our gardens tilled with a few lingering still due to more rain and some mechanical issues.  Each year we see this program grow and grow with more and more interest from the citizens of Martin County.  We do all we can to help them all.

We are so happy to see our families excited to grow their own crops this year.  This family makes it a team effort with all members involved including their 4-legged friends.  How cute are all the kiddos and the dog?  They are a fairly young family and new to gardening but so eager to learn and do more each year.  We hope through Grow Appalachia and extension they can become seasoned gardeners and this can be carried down to their children.