It’s 2022 and the Garden Program is up and running with participants eager to get started. Two meetings have already been conducted in February and March; with 26 people and 22 people in attendance, respectively. Partakers of the monthly meeting were given the benefaction of Snap Peas, Calendars, Trellis and Netting. During the assembly, Keith Hackworth from the Floyd County Extension Office gave instructions on how (and when) to get peas started.

In addition to the monthly meetings, we held two hands-on instructional classes. These classes included our new participants and the local David High School. The firsthand experience offered in the class allowed teamwork between the members and taught them how to outline gardens and lay off rows for planting. For some of the students of David, this was a first-time experience with several involving themselves hands-on. The regular participants had the special guest appearance of Greg Davis, a local firefighter and community assistant, who offered his own guidance to the program. One of our new participants, Tricia Meade, is excited to learn about gardening and use new skills to grow produce for her and her family. She has also stated that she is impressed with how educational and beginner friendly the program is.

This year also marks the beginning of starter plants for the program. The mission staff, along with volunteer Paul Menk, transformed an ordinary closet space into a small grow room, showing everyone how easy it is to start plants from seed. We have started Cabbage, Broccoli, Tomatoes, and Bell Peppers. Observers have been amazed at the difference from day one and day seven. Many of these plants were given out at the monthly meetings. We are looking forward to seeing what else our participants come up with and seeing where their journey leads them throughout this year.