Spring! I can smell it!

Spring is in the air! We’re enjoying a few 75º+ days lately and Daylight Savings Time is right ar

Just a glimpse of the Shepherd families cover crop growing beautifully!

ound the corner. I think everyone is ready to get our hands (and toes) in the soil.

Early March is seeing the daffodils blooming

Elephant Garlic planted last October and poking up in March











Enrollment Meetings

During our first enrollment meeting, we handed out sugar snap peas, garden journals & calendars, dry erase markers and then collected everyone’s applications and contracts; now to get to the good part! March is the month for tilling, planting peas, and dreaming about longer days of sunshine ahead.

February handouts: PEAS! Gardening Journal & Calendars for recordkeeping.

Tilling is happening!

Our farmers and gardeners are getting out there and tilling their plots up. It’s been beautiful weather for it this weekend too.


Farmers Conference

The Farmers Conference fueled our love of all things farming and gardening. A few of us gathered together to learn about invasive plants & bugs to watch out for, sheep & goats, leasing, buying, or renting land to farm/garden on, making value added products from our produce, maple syrup production, High Tunnel Extended Season, produce safety, cut flower farming, mushrooms and so much more. It was a wealth of great information for everyone wanting to do these things for a living. Now we go out and put this information to work on our little squares of land and hope for the best.

Peas, Potatoes, Onions, Lettuce

February is the month we love to plant our peas, but the almanac calendar tells us to wait for March to get them in the ground for optimal production. We’ll keep record of how well they do this year and report back. It’s always fun to look back at previous years and see if it was a bumper crop or a bummer year. Peas are the gardeners candy!

Next month we’ll be handing out Yukon Gold Potatoes, yellow onions, and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce for our spring tables.

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