By: Tanya Begley

And just like that, fall has arrived. We feel the change in the air. The emptying fields starting to become more noticeable. We witness September come to its beautiful end, and begin to say goodbye to our fruitful, and blessed gardens, crops, and yields. Most of the canning is done. All to be left is freezing, storing, sharing and wrapping it all up. The sale of spices, pumpkin, and apple flavored treats and goodies fill our homes as we begin to calm just a little from the long days of tilling, picking, and processing .

In this September 2021 edition of our blog we continue to happily share with you tips and tricks for things you and yours can do right at your own homes/farms and gardens. This is our second to last blog for the 2021 season, and we have been so blessed for our readers and patrons who have enjoyed our work. See you in October!

Happy fall y’all

Mrs. B ♥

Gardening tips & tricks
By: Alan Taylor

Gardening activities are rapidly ending for the year.  It is time to put mulch on the strawberry plants, harvest pumpkins and cushaws, dry remaining green beans for shuck beans, harvest turnips and mustard greens, and seed cover crops.It has been my pleasure to have shared gardening tips with you, the audience, during the past growing season.  I look forward to sharing with you during the next growing season.  Stay safe, everyone, and have a happy and blessed holiday season.

Respectfully,Alan Taylor

Click the link below for some additional gardening tips for October. This is a great website full of useful information!

Spotlight by: Tanya Begley

I wanted to take a moment and spotlight the Owsley County Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market in Owsley Co. is managed by our very own Rhonda Becknell. What a wonderful joy it has been to watch their weekly post and growth this growing season. As the celebrate their final week for 2021 Oct. 2-9th. Take a moment to absorb the beautiful colors, the bounty and proud smiles on the growers faces and the feeling for all you fellow growers of a job well done and completed. I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I have!

*Photo’s courtesy of Owsley County Farmer’s Market -Facebook Page