By : Tanya Begley

Summertime. When we enjoy new berries,fresh corn, beans, watermelon ect.. that all the gardens and markets have to offer. Fruits and vegetables planted with love are on beautiful display at farmer’s markets, local roadside shops, and  in our own backyards. The internet, TV’s, and media are brimming with savory plates of freshly cooked food, canned produce, and mind-blowing recipes. Yes, we are still “social distancing” but we defiantly can eat good while we’re at it .

While we are seeing a much more relaxed summer this year. We are also starting to see numbers rise again as we continue to work through our “new normal”. Thus reminding us that the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over.I want to use this blog as reminder of caution and safety as you are out enjoying this beautiful time of the year with your friends and family. The great outdoors is not only the best alternative. Right now it is summer harvest. What better way to enjoy the outdoors and also stay healthy. Than to get out and explore!

Summer Blessings,

Mrs. B♥


July is the month when the preservation of many of the garden crops are preserved. During this month and the early part of August, you can expect to begin preserving green beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, squash and different kinds of jellies and jams. Preservation can be done by canning, freezing, or dehydration. Crops with a neutral pH such as beans, sweet corn, and squash will need to be processed with a pressure canner to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Higher acid crops such as tomatoes can be preserved by using a boiling water bath for at least 20 minutes of boiling time.

You can find recipes for canning each of the above mentioned crops at . This is a wonderful and very helpful website for all your preserving needs.