High Rocks has been flowing with productive energy lately as we work to maintain our garden spaces. The Ruby Grow team has been focused specifically on weed control, harvesting and trellis work.

In the previous year we chose to utilize the Florida weave method to trellis our tomatoes. This year, however, we chose to try a basic strong method in our newest high tunnel which was relatively fast to install and easy to maintain. For this method, we tied strings to the rafters of the high tunnel for each tomato. After getting all of the strings to the proper length we began loosely tying the string at the base of the tomato and wrapping it upward around the plant. Before doing this, we ensured the tomatoes had been properly pruned and continue to prune them as needed and wrapping them more as they continue to grow. We anticipate plenty of production based on the number of blooms we are seeing and the amount of tomato plants we have.

It was fun and easy to get our tomatoes trellised this year and we are happy to see such fruitful plants this year! Harvesting and being able to provide fresh produce within our community has been very rewarding and the engaging atmosphere makes for a wonderful place to grow our knowledge about gardening and farming!