The latest at Ruby Grow

By: Cheyenne and Nathan

The latest information at Ruby Grow and what’s going on at the farm. As of late we’ve been working hard and diligently between weeding, planting, and make sure all the plants are taken care of. We started to learn about irrigation and the science behind drip tape and how it’s more beneficial and an overall time saver. Cheyenne worked on the installation of the drip tape, and I worked on the trellising.

When we started setting up the drip tape, we first had to lay out the header line along the top of the of the beds to measure where you need to put the drip tape. Then we got the Irrigation Hole Punch to put the holes in the header line. After we got the holes in the correct spots, we put the check-valves in the holes for the drip tape to connect to the drip tape and then we measured the length of the bed for the tape and to see how much tape we needed for each bed, and we put not one but two lines on each bed, so no plant was left unwatered, overall it was a tedious process, but well worth it in the end.

I however was on the opposite end if the spectrum. I noticed the grass was ridiculously tall, and I weedeated around the property, and back at High Rocks at our main high tunnel I was tasked to drive post and put up a white plastic wire trellis for the cucumbers, not as exciting as the drip tape adventure, but it was something that needed to be done. Overall, we’ve been busy bodies and thankfully Loryn and Amber been there to help us and get stuff done a little faster and more efficiently and I almost forgot we mulched the beds at the Ruby Grow plot and it looks great! As time progresses no doubt greater things are to come and harvest time is around the corner and we’re looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor.