Phytophiles and Apiarists Welcome

The Smell of the Earth

I’m sitting here in my office on this rainy day trying to think of something to write about for my upcoming blog. It’s not easy sometimes. I’ve been doing this for 3 seasons now and I’ve written several blogs. Sure I’ve not been here as long as some. They defiantly have my admiration for coming up with something great to write every month. I don’t want to keep regurgitating the same thing, that would be so boring and the truth is it’s never boring. It’s wonderful. The distributions every month, going out to visit the GA member’s gardens, and even working in our own garden here at Red Bird. It makes my soul happy to smell the fresh tilled earth and I especially love it now, when the plants are in the ground and growing, identifying the various insects prowling the leaves of the garden plants, the interaction with the gardeners. To be honest I usually I end up learning as much as I teach.


Back to Normal

With things looking like we may be getting back to normal soon, I can’t wait to have meetings again. I miss the interaction. Over these 3 seasons a lot of my members have become great friends and some are more like family now.

Something New

One of my goals every season is to get my gardeners to try something new. So this spring that’s what I did. I provided members with 4 kohlrabi, and 4 red cabbage plants.  The kohlrabi is something new that most people had never seen or tasted. So far it has been received very well and I will be distributing them again this fall along with the usual cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Fun fact: Did you know that squirrels LOVE red cabbage. LOL! I’ve had a few members lose all their red cabbage to the fluffy tailed thieves.

I want to give people something exciting to try. I distributed okra along with my summer plants. This too is kind of new to most gardeners in my area. I’m sure hoping someone makes some pickled okra this fall!

What is this?

My Facebook page and messenger is inundated with pictures of plants and bugs. There is a member who is constantly sending me pictures of her garden…even at 11 in the night. Really. She is so proud and she has every reason to be. It’s beautiful. If anyone has a green thumb, it’s her. Her plants are beautiful and big. I’m so glad that I have the chance to help people do something they love and to give them the chance to provide their families with healthier meal choices.

I’m stopped at church Sunday by a GA member and asked if I can come look at plant damage caused by some creature . I wonder what members of the congregation must think when they hear me excitedly talking about bugs. Frequently I’m saying, “That’s a good bug. Don’t kill it.” I am really promoting  good bugs and less pesticides this year. I do this every year but I’m really pushing it now. I’m seeing so many good bugs and so many of my GA members have bees now.

I love that so many of our members are becoming interested in beekeeping. We need to protect our pollinators. This is one reason I am trying so hard to not use any pesticides, even the organic kinds. BT has been a one of my go products. Totally organic and safe for bees. It’s my understanding that the other product that I promote to members is Spinosad. It’s my understanding that it is safe for bees after it is dried. I recommend using it when bees are less active.

So you see. NEVER a dull moment.