Independence from Food Insecurity

Some look at independence as not having to rely on anyone or anything. In Appalachia, that includes our food. We’ve become a generation of families relying on big box stores and grocery chains for our nutrition and sustenance. Our youngest generation hardly knows where their food comes from anymore. After this past year, people are waking up and realizing they need to get back to gardening and farming on a small scale in order to provide for their families. When the stores had shortages on fresh vegetables and meats, people began to remember their roots, the big gardens their Grannies and Papaws used to put out that were able to feed 3-6 families. Now, we are that generation that is stepping up and planting those big garden plots.

Gardening is up 100%

Fortunately, we have families in our group that are finding great joy in gardening and farming the land this year. We have heard statistics that gardening has increased 100% in the last year because people are realizing they can’t fully rely on the grocery stores to bring them the nutritious foods they need to remain healthy and strong. Everything is linked to nutrition. If we don’t have vitamin rich foods, we aren’t feeding our cells that will keep us strong. If we realize anything after this past year, we realize we need our health to protect us from the viruses and germs that are all around us.

Gallery of Gardens

Below you will find some of the amazing gardens that our participants have put out and tended. I won’t put names on each picture, but I will brag on what an amazing job each and every family has done in the past four months. I’m excited to see the Harvest Reports in the coming days that will show the results of their labor. These are the true Rock Stars of 2021. The families who have put their blood, sweat, and tears into the ground to cultivate these vitamin rich foods to nourish their families. Eyes bright and muscles strong. Enjoy!