And what a way to begin, with ice storms and flooding all in one week. The 2021 garden season has begun, not with a bang, but with a splash! 

Ice Storms swept across Kentucky

A garden plot surrounded by ice on trees.

It was bitter cold.






Ice storms postponed our first meeting scheduled for February 15th and then a couple weeks later we had flash flooding that further postponed our actual gardening! But I have to remind myself to slow down, we have plenty of time.



Flooding went through many counties in Eastern Kentucky

No children were injured or endangered in the flooding of this bus….

Almost flooded up to the Black Pairmain Apple Trees.


Flooding in some areas was extensive and lasted for a week. Our garden plots were under water, but worse yet was the homes that were flooded. Our flood waters have gone down now, but we need to wait for things to dry up before we think about tilling our planting our seeds. 







Drive-In Theater Style should be lots of fun!

Our first meeting has been rescheduled for March 8th at 7pm and I’m itching to get to it! We’re looking forward to having our meeting “Drive-In Movie Theater” Style! We’ve purchased a 20 foot, inflatable, big screen and an FM Transmitter and plan to project our Power Point onto the screen while folks tune in their car radios to a pre-determined station. They can remain in their cars and enjoy the show while eating dinner or having snacks.









Seeding for Spring harvests

We will then hand out grab bags of peas, onions, potatoes, and lettuce as they leave, to plant in the following weeks.  Almanac calendars are being included to help calculate when the best time for planting would be and instruction sheets on how to actually plant their garden crops. We’re trying to cover all the bases and keep everyone safe and comfortable.








Generational Gardening and Victory Gardening! 

Mapping out our gardens is a fun thing we can look forward to doing while we wait for the ground to dry out and warm up. We’re including graph paper to do that mapping on and reminding them to enjoy this time by coloring in their crops. We’ve got 4H kids joining us, so we know they’ll jump right on into this fun project. Generational gardening is going to be making a come back this year with grandparents and grandkids learning together. Victory Gardening is the hip new thing!