By: Tanya Begley
July,it’s the height of summer.Yet it seems we are still battling the unknowns, the uncertainties and “making the best of it” as we continue to follow the guidance and have patience in this historical world -wide pandemic. While we may not yet be able to go to certain places comfortably. We can take comfort in the simple pleasures that we thankfully have still been blessed with. Such as our summer harvest.
Now is the time we take each year to enjoy the fresh corn, beans, watermelon and so much more. Fruits and vegetables grown with pride are on full display at our farmer’s markets, local roadside shops, and right in our own backyards. Social media is filled with delicious plates of fresh grilled food, canned goods, and amazing recipes. Yes, we may be “social distancing” but we sure will eat good while doing it 😊.
In this July 2020 edition of our blog we continue to happily share with you tips and tricks for things you and yours can do right at your own homes/farms and gardens. We will also highlight some happenings around the county, local resources, and farmers that want to invite you to come see what they have going on.
Happy summer harvest,
Mrs. B

Pictured here are clips from the Owsley County Farmers Market. Pictures curiously of the UK extension office.


July is the month when the preservation of many of the garden crops are preserved.  During this month and the early part of August, you can expect to begin preserving green beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, squash and different kinds of jellies and jams.  Preservation can be done by canning, freezing, or dehydration.  Crops with a neutral pH such as beans, sweet corn, and squash will need to be processed with a pressure canner to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause food poisoning.  Higher acid crops such as tomatoes can be preserved by using a boiling water bath for at least 20 minutes of boiling time.

You can find recipes for canning each of the above mentioned crops at . This is a wonderful and very helpful website for all your preserving needs.

*Click the the link provided below to get started!

Farmers Spotlight : The Noble family & “The Old Tribe Bean Company”
OCHS’s Mr. Noah Noble and family were kind enough to give us a look at their beautiful green bean crops from start to harvest for this month’s Farmer’s spotlight. Locally known as “The Old Tribe Bean Company” the Noble’s put in long hours of hard work and dedication for their rewarding bounty. We want to say “thank you” to the Noble’s for letting us share their hard work.