The SARS-CoV-2 virus, aka the corona virus, has changed the way we live. With toilet paper and hand soap shortages, panic may or may not have had an influence on our gardening budget. I myself am installing two new raised beds on my property and I am using my flexible work from home schedule to focus on my gardening. There is no doubt that the corona virus has influenced sales and has made the purchasing of seeds more difficult (many places are sold out). What’s the next step?

I recommend sketching out your garden. Do you have a raised bed? Are you planting directly into the ground? Are you using containers? Sketching your garden and space will help you be more successful. Please view a sketch I found online.  Using grid paper will be helpful, and you can download and print grid paper for free.  The seed package should have spacing directions, but if you are unsure searching online will help you. 

After sketching out your garden space, and thinking of plant placement, invest in good quality soil. Grow Appalachia sells good quality soil, fertilizer, and more. You can view their catalog here

Another wonderful resource is the Madison County Conservation This is a great time to start gardening, especially since the kids are out of school. Happy gardening!